Course Outline

Our course includes a book package and equipment package. The lessons are completed online with electronic correction. Your transcribing will be online and dictations will be in digital format (i.e. mp3). Digital dictation is now the most widely used form of dictation whereby transcriptionists can access employer servers or their email to download the digital dictations, open their computer based transcription equipment/software, and work from the comfort of their home no matter where they live. Almost 98% of all service companies who hire at home transcriptionists presently use this type of technology, so it is most important you have hands-on experience with this technology in order to make a smooth transition directly into this field. Although most computers are compatible with this equipment/software, it is required that your computer have a USB port in order to connect the foot pedal to your PC and a plug for the headset. This course/equipment is also compatible with a MAC computer. You do need internet access. We do not recommend using a tablet for the course as it does require a full size keyboard. Laptops will work fine as long as they have the correct requirements as listed below.

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 98 or higher.
  • Microsoft Explorer browser 6.0 or higher.
  • Plug for headset.
  • USB port for foot pedal
  • Internet connection.
  • The course is approximately a 300-hour course. There are approximately 100 hours of book work and 200 hours of transcription. We offer a one year completion time frame. If at the end of your one year completion time frame, should you require further study time in order to complete the course, we do offer a month-to-month extension on an individual basis. Although most students complete within a 6-9 month time frame, we do offer this option in case you need a little more flexibility. If you can devote 2-3 hours study time per day, you can complete this course in less than six months, however, at the end of one year, if you have not completed your studies, simply contact us or fill out the extension contract located in your online binder and we will extend your completion time frame.

    We at CAI try to work with each student as an individual knowing that every student's financial situation and study time schedule will vary. And as always, we are always striving to better our program and we do pay attention to the needs and desires of students on issues regarding flexibility as far as completion time frame and cost.


    Main textbook - The Language of Medicine: Write-in text.
    • Basic Word Structure/written exercises with answer keys.
    • Pronunciation of terms online exercises with electronic correction.
    • Terms pertaining to the body as a whole with written exercises/answer keys.
    • Suffixes & Prefixes/written exercises/answer keys *the base for medical terminology.
    • Disease processes.
    • Laboratory values.
    • Labeling anatomy diagrams.
    • Glossary/Index of medical terms - easy reference.
    Twelve units covering:
    • Digestive System
    • Urinary System
    • Male/Female Reproductive System
    • Nervous System
    • Cardiovascular System
    • Respiratory System
    • Blood System
    • Lymphatic & Immune Systems
    • Musculoskeletal System
    • Skin
    • Ears/Nose/Throat
    • Endocrine System.

     All units include anatomy, vocabulary, practical applications, abbreviations, written exercises with answer keys, medical pronunciation written & audio files with typing exercises.

     Specialized units:

    • Radiology/Nuclear Medicine/Radiation Therapy - vocabulary, abbreviations, written exercises with answer keys.
    • Cancer Medicine (Oncology) - vocabulary, abbreviations, written exercises with answer keys.
    • Pharmacology - vocabulary, abbreviations, written exercises with answer keys.
    • Psychiatry - vocabulary, abbreviations, written exercises with answer keys.

     Book Package included:

     Hard Cover Medical Dictionary - illustrated print edition.

     The Pill Book - excellent up-to-date drug reference.

     Webster's Grammar & Punctuation Guide - authored by one of the most reliable sources!

     Quick Look Reference Guides - Physical guides along with online access of Laboratory/Pathology/Radiology, Drug, Surgical Terms, Abbreviation Terms, Common Medical Terminology - up-to-date - giving you the ability to complete the course without any added expense and you will use throughout your career as a transcriptionist. Also, online illustrated Anatomy reference.

     Dictation library included:

     Practice Dictations to be done online with electronic correction and also includes physical correction keys for your convenience - Actual medical reports to practice and ease you into the actual physician dictation. Finished transcripts are also included for self-correction, which then allows you to proceed at your own pace with no specific lesson deadlines to meet.

      Actual Physician Dictations to be done online with electronic correction and also includes physical correction keys for your convenience - This is the key to a successful training program, which will lead you to work ready status. These are actual physician dictations specifically targeting "acute care", which incorporates cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, hematology/oncology. It also includes surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, urology, pulmonology, physiatry, radiology/nuclear medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology, cancer, expiration summaries, general practice, pathology/laboratory, pharmacology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, OB/GYN, and more. These dictations are comprised of Discharge Summaries, Operative Reports, Consultations, History and Physicals, and more. This type of dictation is the most in-depth way of learning this profession and will prepare you for just about any area in this field. This particular type of work is where most national MT service companies are looking for at home transcriptionists to fulfill. Having the ability to perform this type of transcription has opened the doors for many of our graduates to begin working directly after graduation for many national MT service companies who would normally require two year's experience.

     Other materials also included:

     Welcome To Medical Transcription Binder Online - Extensive walk through the profession; rules, skills, equipment and reference resources, employment opportunities, pay scales, My Story As A Medical Transcriptionist, office set-up. This is basically an A to Z guide of the medical transcription profession and our training program.

     Step-By-Step Online instructions - Simple to follow, detailed instructions - not lengthy - not difficult to understand - concise - to the point with easy to follow online menu.

     Abbreviation Exercises online with electronic correction along with physical abbreviation quick look reference guide - This will prepare you for the abbreviations used in this field, which is an intricate part of this profession - very extensive.

     Format/template guide - All types of formats/templates used for typing reports in this profession - simple to follow.

     Optional reading -

    • Work opportunities - detailed discussion into the opportunities available in this field - where and how?
    • Tax tips - important information on what you may deduct off of your taxes as a person working out of your home.
    • Equipment and book list - exactly what you need upon entering into the profession including sources at reasonable prices i.e. word expanders, C-phones, electronic spell checkers, WAV players, transcribers, and much more.
    • Beginning your career - Now that you've completed your training, what do you do? We answer all your questions and provide total assistance during the job placement process.
    • Grammar/Style - English grammar/punctuation/usage/spelling techniques plus online quizzes to reinforce your skills.
    • Medical transcription - do's and don'ts.

     Choosing Medical Transcription As A Home Business - *Included Free* ($60.00 value) - This is an invaluable guide which will show you everything you need to know about beginning your own medical transcription home business should you opt to do so. We tell you everything step by step, provide sample documentation you will need, how to secure your own clients, service charges, equipment options, dictation options for your clients, etc. We have done extensive research into this area, which has been applied to our own MT service and have had countless graduates apply this information who are now successful MT service owners themselves.


    Included in your course are various quizzes and tests throughout the program. We also include tests online, which are general medical terminology tests following completion of your terminology section, self-assessment tests online, and punctuation and grammar quizzes online. Although you are required to complete these tests for evaluation prior to beginning the next section, you are not required to meet any specific lesson deadlines within your completion time frame. We feel you should have the ability to set the learning pace that is most comfortable for you. We are also available for instruction assistance and correspondence during your entire course work if you are having any difficulties or need evaluation of your progress. We realize that this course work takes an enormous amount of time and discipline coupled with the fact that this is being scheduled around your normal day to day activities. We have also found through our years of training that in order for one to be successful in this field, it is important to possess the independent work skills that will be necessary for you to begin working at home in an entry level position directly out of training. Because of that, it is important to refine those skills during the training process itself. For that reason, we have simulated this course to reflect just that, working independently while providing you at the same time with a realistic feel for what it will be like to work at home.

    Final Examination: Upon completion of the transcription section of the course, there is a mandatory final examination in order for you to receive a certificate and/or use the CAI school name. This is not included in the course tuition as we do not feel you should pay for something until you are actually ready to take it. The exam fee is $89.00 and is payable upon completion of the course. The exam is part written and part transcription. The exam is sent to you via email, to be completed within a specific time frame, and returned to us to be handgraded. The exam is geared to evaluate your progress and your ability to enter into the work field. Upon obtaining a passing grade, the CAI director then provides certification, letters of recommendation, and references for job placement testing with various national companies accordingly.


     Affiliate Program whereby students and graduates can refer others to our program and receive commissions.

     Online support and support via toll free phone.

     Job search and placement assistance - CAI prides itself in establishing a reputation for producing qualified, work ready transcriptionists. We have proven ourselves time and time again by the various national companies who hire our graduates directly out of training commenting on the superior level of skill our graduates possess. Many companies also contact us looking for our graduates. We are proud to say that presently we have had 98% placement of our graduates in work at home positions. We have also assisted graduates in starting up their own transcription service companies, who now hire our new graduates to work for them. We also operate a transcription service hiring graduates right out of training to work directly for CAI. So, there are many options available to students upon graduation.

     MT online discussion board where students and graduates get together to discuss training techniques, job triumphs, give & get advice - just another expansion of the support we make available.

     Payment plans available - we make payment plans available to suit various budgets. Please click on the Pay Plan button located on the navigation bar at the top of the page to review options.

    Please click here to view the details of our 7-day money back guarantee

    Computer based transcriber (WAV Player) Details: These are units that connect directly to your computer. Unit includes a foot pedal, headset, and software. This unit allows you to transcribe your documents directly from the online study site and is used in place of a desktop transcriber. Computer requirements for this equipment are listed above.

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