Message from the Director

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In 1988 I was a working mom raising two small children. I had been sacrificing much of my family/personal life just to make ends meet and it just did not seem worth it. I began to do some research and came across the medical transcription profession. Although, not very well-known at that time and the opportunities not as abundant as they are today, it seemed as if this could be the opportunity that would provide not only the financial stability I needed, but the flexibility to make my family a #1 priority. Having no medical background and only adequate typing skills, I made the decision to attempt the necessary training. With great effort and a leap of faith, I was able to successfully complete my training and enter into the profession.

Twenty-six years have passed since I made that decision, the best decision of my life; the decision that provided me with the opportunity to work from home and be there for my family. This profession allowed me the same advantages as "stay at home moms" while still providing me with the financial support that I needed.

Sixteen years ago, I decided to pursue the training aspect of this profession. This happened when I realized how many people would never have the opportunity I had due to the soaring cost of training. As this profession became one of the most sought after at home jobs, the training soon became unaffordable to many. It was because of this that CAI was born.

I have since trained thousands of successful MTs over the years. I have dedicated myself to helping each and every student, so that they too may reap the same benefits I did. It takes hard work and what seems like endless days, which brought me to the question of why I chose to do this. It was not long before I started to receive phone calls and letters from graduates telling me how their lives were changed for the better, expressing their gratitude and heartfelt thanks for this training opportunity that they would have never had been able to afford otherwise. I then realized that I had my answer and I had been more than blessed to have had the opportunity to play a small part in bettering each and every one of their lives.

I now invite you at this time to look over my site and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in making your career transition a pleasant, rewarding one.